Fastening Tip Knowledge

September 12, 2020 - general

Fastening Tip Knowledge


  1. Organization of binding tip


Base material: red copper


Plating: iron Solder wire 63 37



Tip (work surface): bind


Other surface: nickel plating, chromium plating.


  1. Use life


The life is not the same as model to show, as a rule, the life can be 6 to 10 days, or 30,000 to 100,000 weld joints.


  1. The components that impact the utilization life


Since the erosion opposition of copper isn’t acceptable, it’s important to plate iron on the copper surface.


1) Solder motion substance (corrosive, soluble base): Meta-corrosive or antacid weld makes erosion quicker.


2) Iron plating Thickness: The thicker iron plating layer, the more drawn out utilization life.


3) Iron plating Density: The higher thickness of iron plating particle, the more drawn out erosion obstruction period.


4) Low Lower temperature – longer life


Higher temperature – shorter life


5) Operator conduct Force, erosion


6) Soldering tip cleaning material (Solder wipe, steel wire tip cleaner): Clean with patch wipe for longer use life


Clean with steel wire – shorter use life


  1. Client minded most


1). Use life;


2). Wettability


  1. Reasons of not being wettable


1) There’s Carbon store or spot on tinning zone


Reason: Solder wire substance and weld motion will produce slick issue and smoke, the sleek issue becomes carbon store after consumed, goals be raged will likewise create carbon store


Arrangement: Heat the welding tip to 350°C, clean the tip with bind wipe or steel wire tip cleaner until it gets white and gleaming, at that point tin the tin with new patch.


2) High temperature oxidation




  1. Because of high temperature of the tip end, the tin has just been oxidized; the fastening tip is oxidized, as well.


  1. Since the tip end lost insurance of tin, the tip end turns cyan, even purple or red in high temperature status.




  1. Take care of the issue with above arrangement.


  1. Likely can’t be fixed.


3) Oxidation rust


Reason: Without the security of weld layer, the tip surface has turned dark or been rusted.


Arrangement: Fix with the above arrangements




  1. Keep some weld on the tip surface when it isn’t in work status; tin the tip with new patch and afterward put it on iron holder.


  1. At the point when the welding iron isn’t in work status, turn off the force or turn on rest work, don’t be inactive in high temperature.


  1. The Thermal Theory of Heating Element


  1. Outer warm component: binding tip inside, warming component outside.


  1. Interior warm component: patching tip outside, warming component inside.


  1. Warming component types:

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