Whitening and Freezing Vegetables From Your Garden!

September 15, 2020 - general

Whitening and Freezing Vegetables From Your Garden!



Whitening vegetables before freezing them will assist with inactivating the proteins that the vegetables contain which cause the taste Vegetation removal Mornington Peninsula and nature of that vegetable to decay during capacity. Whitening is a crucial cycle while putting away numerous sorts of vegetables however is exceptionally simple to achieve. Here is the way to do it.


  1. The main activity is ensure everything is prepared for this cycle. It is a generally snappy cycle and it helps if everything is spread out and all set. You will require a huge stockpot or two with bubbling water, a virus water shower in a sink or huge compartment (cold water and ice combined), several dishtowels to lay the wet vegetables on quickly to dry, lastly the cooler packs or holders you will freeze the vegetables in.


  1. Get your vegetables arranged for the whitening. Contingent upon the vegetable this may mean, washing, stripping, coring, and so on. Typically vegetables being whitened are cut into 3D squares or cuts so that once the whitening is done they are prepared for guaranteed freezing.


  1. Spot the cut vegetables into the bubbling water. Let them bubble for 3 minutes at that point eliminate the vegetables from the bubbling water and spot them in the ice water shower. This progression will stop the inner cooking of the vegetables. Give the vegetables access the ice water for 3 minutes at that point eliminate them and spot them on the towels you have spread out. For the bubbling bit of this cycle I like to utilize a pasta pot with the removable sifter pot, thusly I can eliminate the vegetables without unloading all the bubbling water (helpful while doing different blanchings). Additionally, for the ice water shower I just put the channel in my sink and fill it with cold water and ice (make a point to clean the sink completely before doing this).


  1. Let the vegetables sit for a moment or two to dispose of a portion of the abundance water onto the towels, at that point place them into your cooler packs/holders and freeze.


Last tips: The general guideline for whitening is that the produce needs to remain in the ice water shower however long it was in the bubbling water, not, at this point no shorter. Three minutes has functioned admirably for me on all that I whiten and freeze.

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