Care and Feeding of the Mayan Hammock

October 8, 2020 - general

Care and Feeding of the Mayan Hammock


OK! So you have just bought a beautiful Mayan hammock and installed it between two shade trees in the back yard. The hammock is Tangled Nude in Chicago Buy Online beautiful to look at, and so stunningly comfortable that you wonder if you will ever do useful work again. Then the thought hits: “How do I care for this hammock to keep it lovely for years?”

Welcome to my world! Here are a few tips to keep you hanging in comfort for years.

1) Bring it in when not in use. Think of the hammock as a nice cotton shirt. Would you leave your shirt on the clothesline for a year, and expect it to iron up and look great? I don’t think so.

2) If it gets wet, let it dry. Cotton will mildew if left wet on a regular basis. If your hammock does get wet, keep a bamboo pole, broomstick, length of PVC pipe, or similar object nearby to spread the hammock open. It will dry quickly that way, and is unlikely to mildew.

3) Wash it occasionally. Bug residue, tree sap, airborne contaminants and the remains of whatever you bring into the hammock with you provide a base for decay. Washing will remove them and prolong the life of your hangout.

4) Consider a hammock protector. This is a nylon or polyester sleeve that can be slipped over the hammock when not in use to keep all the aforementioned contaminants from contacting your hammock in the first place.

5) Watch what you wear in the hammock. Clothing with buttons and sharp edges can catch on the strings and cause snags and sometimes breaks in the strings. So, if you don’t hammock in the nude, wear soft clothes.

6) Repair snags quickly. If you do break a string tie the ends together and work it back into the weave. Don’t wait for snags to turn into holes, and for holes to turn into chasms. These things are easy to fix if caught early.


Hammocks are not difficult to move and handle; but some care must be given to avoid tangling the suspension strings. Always hold the two end loops in one hand when moving the hammock. If you try to hold a hammock like a jump rope you may discover how bad things can happen to good people!


Observe the handling suggestions above. Tie the suspension arms of the hammock at intervals with pieces of cord to prevent tangling (use knots that untie easily, so you are not tempted to cut the knots later), and soak in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Rinse carefully and dry quickly, using the “drying stick” previously mentioned. On the cotton hammocks there may be a small amount of color bleed. Don’t worry! They won’t fade away.


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