Clean Energy – It’s Affect on Man

January 11, 2021 - general

Clean Energy – It’s Affect on Man

Clean energy comprises of different sources of energy which are environmentally friendly, causing minimal pollution possible. These sources mainly include wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, anaerobic digestion, biomass and hydro. Sometimes nuclear power too is considered to be a clean energy source. However many environmental organizations are opposing this fact by bringing out the negative   green energy   effects associated with nuclear waste and various other consequences that result due to the use of nuclear weapons and so on. Although nuclear energy results in no CO2 emissions and no pollution, nuclear waste does not decompose easily and extreme care should be taken when handling them. The governments of countries that use nuclear power bear a huge cost when handling this waste.

Certain energy resources are considered to be clean energy because they bring about lower levels of emission of carbon and other greenhouse gases. Clean energy is often used in the context of mechanical power, electricity and heating. Mostly, consumers as well as business organizations are often encouraged to purchase clean energy to reduce environmental pollution. Use of clean energy plays an important role in reducing the negative impacts caused by conventional energy resources of the environment. Consumers and business entities can support clean energy by way of renewable energy certificates.

When looked at from another angle, no energy resource will be entirely pollution-free. All energy sources give rise to some level of pollution during some stage of power generation. For example, solar power generation may not cause any greenhouse gas emissions. However, when manufacturing these power generation equipments, especially photovoltaic cells, there is some level of pollution caused.


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