Greenwich Real Estates – A Place of Supreme Luxury  

January 22, 2021 - general

Greenwich Real Estates – A Place of Supreme Luxury  

Go beyond the stately mansions to discover the true character behind Greenwich’s real estate. With reams of history under its belt and a bright future ahead, Greenwich has established itself as a place of supreme luxury and old world sensibilities.    Parc Greenwich   White, pristine porches give way to emerald green lawns that extend into lushly landscaped shrubbery.

A word that is consistently used to describe Greenwich, ‘quaint’, is only one small piece of this exquisite region. Upon closer inspection, homeowners will be delighted to find a thriving arts scene, generous philanthropic events and top of the line shopping ensconced in this seemingly sleepy town. High caliber school districts and abundant fine dining are other reasons why some of America´s wealthiest property owners choose to make Greenwich their home.

Connecticut´s fantastically convenient location lends makes the area perfect for the thousands of residents that must commute into Manhattan every day. From their Greenwich homes, many residents find that an hour long ride on the reasonably priced and highly accessible public transportation is a small price to pay for quality Greenwich real estate.

Given the level of wealth and prestige that resides in the region, property values often stay above other more turbulent sectors of the industry and have weathered countless market changes. In these uncertain times, there are few investments more attractive than owning a piece of this historic city and enjoying all its amenities. Located within a short drive to the water, nearby town such as Mystic are postcard perfect depictions of New England life some fifty years ago.

With abundant biking trails and a refreshingly low key atmosphere, many of Greenwich´s neighboring towns give residents the chance to experience different aspects of this dynamic state. From beaches to the beautiful meadows of Kent, Greenwich real estate also offers its home owners that pastoral beauty of miles of meadows and mountains along the Litchfield border. Quaint bed and breakfasts sit alongside long cherished inns to create a breathtaking snapshot of northeastern life at its finest.


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