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February 23, 2021 - Business

I was in NYC on 9/11/2001. I was living up in Inwood, which is the northern most portion of Manhattan, “the tip of the island”, 207th and Broadway where the “A” begins and ends. I was surfing the Internet at the time in my studio which overlooked the Dyckman House, the oldest remaining farmhouse 글자수세기 on Manhattan. My mother called me and said “They hit it! They hit the building”, or something to that effect. I didn’t have a television at the time so I hustled over to my local bar and watched the events from there.

About 10 minutes went by when the owner looked at me and asked me if I was drinking. I told him, “No, I just want to watch what’s happening.” “If you’re not drinking, you’ll have to leave,” he said. Maybe he was having a bad day too. I paused for a moment and then quietly left the bar disgusted.

I walked over to the local barbershop and asked my barber if I could watch the events from there because I didn’t have a television. She said, “Sure.” About 10 minutes went by and then she asked me “Are you going to get a haircut?” I said, trying to remain calm, “No, I just want to watch what’s happening”. She remained quiet and I stayed for a about another 15 minutes until I couldn’t stand being there anymore. Actually, I couldn’t stand being anywhere anymore at that moment. Maybe these people didn’t realize the severity of the situation at the time. Or perhaps, in a moment, they realized..we all realized…how helpless we actually were and that nothing we could do or say would change it. Either way, I found the experience surreal even being so far away from Ground Zero.

After walking around Inwood Hill Park for about an hour taking in the morning’s events, I went over to my friend’s apartment. I walked in only to see the “WTC” tickets we had purchased sitting on her entry table. We had been up on the Observation Deck of the Twin Towers just two weeks prior. A little creepy to say the least. Beth lived near the George Washington Bridge so we were able to step outside and see the smoldering aftermath from there. An hour passed, we went back to her place, sitting silently on her couch watching the news for the rest of the day.


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