If You Want To Sell More, Go The Extra Mile

Sacred writing instructs us that when we are approached to go one mile, go another.


Each self improvement writer I have at any point known or perused has somehow or another upheld this basic way of thinking.


Allow me to take an extract from one of the books by one of my tutors, the late Og Mandino. (A Better Way to Live.)


“Today and consistently, convey more than you are getting paid to do. The triumph of progress will be half won when you become familiar with Compro Milhas the mystery of putting out more than is normal in all that you do. Make yourself so important in your work that ultimately you will get irreplaceable. Exercise your advantage to do an amazing job, and appreciate the entirety of the prizes you get. You merit them.”


I was unable to have said it any better.


How might you exceed everyone’s expectations in deals? Coming up next are a couple of models. Some may identify with you and some may not. What to do is foster a rundown of moves you can make with your item or administration that will exhibit this law. Again sacred text says, kindly remember that I am as yet a novice on the Word of God, “Cast your bread upon the waters and after numerous days it will return to you.” Emerson in his paper, The Law of Compensation likewise says that, “What you convey will return, yet it will not generally return when you need it to or from a similar source or in the very structure that you sent it out.” The key is to foster the propensity for sending it out. What would you be able to convey? Your insight, your experience, your time, your perspectives, your energy, your conviction and your abilities.


Here are the models:


  1. At the point when a client requests a reference, give them a few.


  1. At the point when a client has an after deals issue, don’t simply delegate or pass the obligation regarding the arrangement, get included and stay included.


  1. Foster a partner relationship with your client.


  1. At whatever point a possibility or a client requests anything react sooner than they anticipate.


  1. Reliably shock your client with “Amazing” administration. Continuously leave them thinking, “I’m so dazzled with this association. I’m happy we are working together.”


What is your business system? Do you normally give more assistance than is normal or convey exactly what is paid for? Do you give your boss more than they pay you for or do you stop barely shy of – going the extra mile?





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