Celebratory Flowers Used Around the World

For centuries, flowers have been used to celebrate and convey sentiment for such occasions and events as religious, romantic, spiritual, seasonal, and personal events such as anniversaries, weddings, and other important days. Flowers signify various meanings such as love, friendship, sympathy, honor, and more. As well, they have been used as gifts, to express condolence, and to express such sentiments as love. Throughout the world, there are certain flowers that are most often used for meaningful occasions.

The following are celebratory flowers used around the world:

Lotuses: Lotus flowers are available in a variety of colors that includes: pink, white, pale yellow, red, and pink. They have long stalks and large round leaves. The Lotus has significant meaning in Eastern religions. It symbolizes spiritual progress, divine wisdom, purity, fertility, beauty, and prosperity. According to Hindu philosophy, ‘within each human inhabiting the earth is the spirit of the sacred lotus.’

Lily of the Valley: A delicate flower, the Lily of the Valley symbolizes the beginning of spring. Christian legends state that the tears that Mary shed at the Cross transformed to Lilies of the Valley. The flower is often referred to as ‘Our Lady’s Tears.’ trekupindia

Christmas Rose: Considered the most authentic Christmas flower, the Christmas Rose has a beautiful bloom which is known as the Winter Rose or Snow Rose because of its pink-tipped white flower. The Christmas rose has religious meaning and it is associated with the birth of Christ.

Ixora: The Ixora flower is often referred to as West Indian Jasmine. The flowers are often used in Indian folk medicine and Hindu worship. The Ixora flower has been celebrated for replenishing passion and enhancing sexuality.

Poinsettia: Native to Mexico, the beautiful red potted plant called the Poinsettia is often referred to as the ‘Christmas Flower.’ These flowers are a popular choice for the Christmas season. The poinsettia has a vivid red color and blooms during Christmas. The flower of the poinsettia is quite small and pale yellow. Large and bright red leaves are often misidentified as petals.

Rose: Roses have been around for at least 200 million years. The rose symbolizes love, friendship, and romance. A paler shade of the pink rose symbolizes respect and understanding. A mix of red roses and white roses symbolizes unity. Pink roses signify elegance and sophistication. An orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm and curiosity.

Hydrangea: The Hydrangea is a popular flower for weddings, especially wedding bouquets. They bloom in the fall and look like puffy balls. The mass of star-shaped blossoms symbolize innocence.

Orchid: The orchid can have many different meanings such as wealth, beauty, and love. In China, orchids are a symbol for many children. As well, ancient Chinese believed the flowers could cure coughs. They were also symbolized by ancient Greeks for virility. Today, orchids are the most popular houseplant.

Flowers are celebrated in every culture throughout the world. Their history and beauty symbolize many personal and spiritual events. They are also a wonderful way of expressing ones feelings. Flowers have a remarkable ability to match the mood of an occasion and put a smile on one’s face.


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