Even More Religious Shorts

Of those Big Questions vital to philosophical ideas that encompass life, the universe and everything, the domains of religious philosophy and religions and the idea of divinities keep on interesting. Conclusions multiply in books, articles, recordings, discussions in bars and bars, and truth be told anyplace and wherever at least two people are in closeness. There’s the expert side; there’s the counter side. There aren’t an excess of fence-sitters. I’m in the counter camp get to know other religiously interested people as the accompanying third portion of strict short pieces show.




Religious Dot Points


What Causes Religious Belief?


Do Science and Religion Conflict?


Contentions about God?


Deceptions in Arguing for God?


On The Concept of An All-Knowing God


Is There Life After Death?


Philosophical Dot Points


*Theology for the majority today turns into the amusement for the majority tomorrow. Think about The Olympians long ago when and Ancient Greek folklore today, for instance.


*Theology is both Earth-focused just as human-focused. However in actuality, Earth is probably as minor a heavenly article as you want to analyze both on schedule and in space; people are additionally a remarkable minor substance, particularly in time versus how long Earth has existed just as how long the universe has existed. Along these lines, religious philosophy, in enormous (spatial and worldly) terms isn’t huge in any way.


*Had you been brought into the world in an alternate time as well as spot, you’d be singing the gestures of recognition of Allah, Mohammed and the Koran or maybe rather loving Isis, Horus and Osiris, possibly The Aten. Along these lines, methinks your religious feelings are constantly and spot, of the way of life and the general public you were naturally introduced to. It steers clear of religiously coming nearer to truth!


*Not the entirety of the significant religions can be valid, yet all can be bogus. As has been broadly called attention to, almost everybody today excuses the idea of numerous divinities (plural) or polytheism. I simply go that one additional yard and excuse the one god that is left over as not having any more believability than the numerous divinities that are currently restricted to the junk container that quite a long time ago held influence over the strict dependable.


*But has it at any point truly happened to you that your whole philosophical place of-cards is only a result of the unintentional and irregular planning and situation of your introduction to the world and related childhood. Had you been brought up and taught say 1000 years prior in Japan, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, India or even what might turn into the USA, you’d be singing a tremendously unique philosophical tune with full confidence. You realize that is valid. Further, that is the most telling place of all.


What Causes Religious Belief?


Is it accurate to say that we are hard-wired for religion and confidence in gods?


Apparently people alone of the relative multitude of primates, undeniably less the remainder of the greater vertebrates, are hard-wired to, if not carelessly trust in a soul or heavenly reality, basically have an extraordinary and interest in the chance of one. [Even the most crazy of agnostics should have an interest in the conceivable presence of divinities and the otherworldly to can that existence.] The proof for that will be that practically every culture from the Year Dot through to the current day holds such convictions or interests. There’s no proof that chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, and related primates or other shrewd species like whales and dolphins and elephants, and so forth have a comparative conviction or interest in anything religious. They don’t seem to have strict or profound encounters.



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