Why Women Resent Football – And Why They Shouldn’t

Football is just a game. But the way some men carry on about it all through football season! You’d think… well, you’d think Brett Favre was a candidate for the Other Woman.

And the playoffs!!! Don’t get us started. Of course, what with that sexy half-time show and all those funny commercials, it’s a little tough for anyone with a sense of humor to hate the Super Bowl.

But it’s a long, long time from the August NFL preseason to that smokin’ February finale.

And let’s admit it: too often during the interim, the conduct of some segments of the male species becomes downright rude, even going so far as to ignore their mates as if they were the Ugly Ducklings and Tony Romo and the Boys were the feted Homecoming Queens.

So your resentment is definitely understandable.

The main problem with resentment, however, is that it defeats your purpose. Assuming your purpose is to be Numero Uno in the heart and mind of your beloved.

And not just from March through July.

Frankly, resentment is not a pretty thing. Granted, jealousy can be kind of cute. Within limits. An occasional, “Oh, Sweetheart! Don’t tell me you’re jealous?” can even be a bit of an aphrodisiac.

But even the word ‘resentment’ sounds sullen. The turned-down disapproving mouth, the evil eye that, trust us, does nothing for your sexiness quotient.

So let’s move away from that connotation-laden epithet, Football. Let’s say that the Other Woman is not Tony Romo, but an actual Homecoming Queen look-alike. We’ll call her Margot.

Maybe your Dearly Beloved met Margot at night class, or in the office, or wherever. But her name gets dropped from time to time. And you notice, when that happens, that all males present at the time (including your DB) get that annoyingly sappy look on their faces. เล่นบาคาร่าออนไลน์ฟรี

What to do?

Please. Do we have to tell you? Invite Margot to dinner, of course. Preferably a really big blowout dinner, like Thanksgiving or whatever holiday thing you’re in to. You know: where The Family is assembled like a huge billboard trumpeting the Sanctity of the Home.

Then – welcome her! Embrace her! Oh, Margot, I’ve heard so much about you! How delightful to finally meet you! And yada yada yada.

See, joining yourself to the potential – errr – distraction puts you in the same visual frame as your… oh, we do hate to say this, but it is that it is: your competition.

So too, Football. Now’s your chance: learn enough in the off season so that you actually know when to cheer and when to boo. Speaking of which, once you allow yourself to know what’s going on (and, yes: that really is what it amounts to), all that yelling can be quite cathartic.

It really does get the blood flowing. And that can be a good thing.

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