NCAA College Football Week 11 Point Spread Picks Roundup

Well NCAA College Football week 11 is in the books and we indeed pounded the point spread as we went 9-2 ATS with our Week 11 Best Bets/Strong Plays. Our expert handicappers have been hot the entire season and Saturday was the what tops off an already good thing. The following are the 11 games we conveyed to our supporters and in view of the input we have gotten, we made individuals a lot of cash this week.

Rutgers (- 19) OVER ARMY: We started our week with this Friday game which we promoted as Our Game Of The Year as it was obvious to us that Rutgers would pound Army out and about. This game was conjecture to be played in an extremely weighty downpour and we bets on the way that Rutgers would permit RB Ray Rice to rule the ball and run all around a little Army guarded front. That is actually what happened as Rutgers won disappearing.

Taking everything into account, this was the breakdown on our other 10 determinations:

Florida (- 6.5) OVER SOUTH CAROLINA: Despite playing against their old mentor, the Gators were not going to be denied here as they unmistakably had the ability edge against a frail Gamecocks offense and they utilized the inspirational edge of playing to get into the SEC title game to get the simple success.

TULSA (pick) OVER Houston: Wow what a course this was as Houston was rarely in this game. We accepted Tulsa was a vastly improved group than they were given credit for because of their inclination to turn the ball over. Well they secured the ball here and they showed exactly how skilled they are by scoring the greatest course on our arrangement of choices.

VIRGINIA TECH (- 6) OVER Florida State: This one made us anxious a piece as the Seminoles played well here as they kept things under control into the subsequent half and showed that they might actually score the steamed. Anyway the protective edge that the Hokies had rose to the top in the final quarter as they scored two major turnovers and ruled starting there on.

TENNESSEE (pick) OVER Arkansas: This was another vital game on our agenda as many felt the Razorbacks would win this one however we felt that the Volunteers would utilize the home group for their potential benefit and utilize their strong run guard to suppress the incomparable Arkansas running match-up. That is actually what occurred and we scored a success that many felt was not going to occur.

Aviation based armed forces (- 3) OVER Notre Dame: We have been conflicting with Notre Dame the entire year and this was the same as the Irish really are repulsive and ought to be wagered against consistently. เว็บพนันอันดับ1

MISSISSIPPI STATE (+4.5) OVER Alabama: MSU is another group that is misjudged and they demonstrated their value by getting a home triumph over an obviously misrepresented Alabama crew.

UCLA (+6) OVER Arizona State: We loved the Bruins here after ASU saw their unbeaten season disappear last week against Oregon. There is in every case generally a headache after such a major loss and that is actually what happened here as we got another incredible success.

Those games above were all champs and made our week an enormous achievement. We have an additional fourteen days of school football picks and we are sure we will get some more successes for our endorsers. We lost distinctly with Miami Florida (- 3.5) and Southern Mississippi (- 15.5) to go with the 9 successes above so to say we were hot is putting it mildly. Best of luck to all going into the most recent fourteen days of the year.

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