The Best Soccer Goalie

Soccer goalie likewise called goalkeeper, the protector of the group. The score of the group protects on them. He should be in great vision, know various strategies of the aggressors, in great shape, and consistently ready that is the reason objective manager is vital. The abilities and preparing of the objective attendant is distinctive to other player of soccer.

Here are just scarcely any best goalkeeper of the world.

Brad Friedel-“Man of the Match” that is the thing that they called him. He extraordinarily saves the match and dominate against Tottenham Hotspur in 2002 League Cup Final. He is goalkeeper for Blackburn Rovers of American International Football. He addresses the country at FIFA World Cup from 1992-2005. บาคาร่า SA

Zach Thornton – His nicknamed “The Beast/The Bear” on account of his stature and his assembled. His stature remain at 6’3 with 230 pounds strange size of normal soccer goalie. He is picked to goalkeeper for 2008 of Red Bull New York. In 1998, he played interestingly with US National group against Australia.

Lev Yashin – FIFA surveys named Yashin as the sole goalkeeper in World Team of the twentieth Century. He began the style of goalkeeper clearing, punching balls out as opposed to getting the ball. He kicked the bucket year 1990 yet at the same time his commitment will always remember. He granted as best goalkeeper at 1994 FIFA World Cup.

Mary Harvey – 1991 First FIFA World Champion Team of American Goalkeeper. She began as goalie for Women’s National Team for U.S. starting around 1991 and Olympic Gold Medalist 1996.

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